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A Bit of

About me
I've lived in many parts of Canada (Montreal, St Catharines, Toronto, Vancouver, and here in Victoria for 15 years.) I've also lived in England, France, Germany, and Barbados. I've travelled to many other parts of this world and am proud to be a Canadian. I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Science. After that I owned a business for 15 years with 12 full time employees in Vancouver. I sold that and ever since have been looking for my next adventure! My daughter introduced me to the Devon Rex breed and that’s where it all started! 

The genesis

We have somewhat of a large family and everyone wanted one!  It hit me! This is it! This is my next passion-and I dove in with all my heart. We still have one of our children at home, and he too got “the bug” along with my husband. Falling in love with Devons is contagious be forewarned!

One can never have too many loving family and though we are a large family there is always room for more!

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